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Thai Spirit House Set

Please note:  All of our photos below are "original". photos.  See our "piracy notice"

This page was recently created for those who have asked for entire SET of spirit house.  Previously these were on our spirit house pages.  We have done many other "sets" that were customized for the size and style of our clients' needs.  We have all sizes and prices that fit your space and your budget.  Please kindly contact us directly at for more information.

Enhance the Spirituality in you and your space by placing this intricately hand carved teak wood Thai Spirit House in your home or business for protection and prosperity.  The Thais believe that spirits live in the spirit house and provide protection to the owner.  The spirit house is normally erected outside a residence or business so that the spirits can protect and guard the property.

These beautifully handcrafted spirit houses are made of fine teak wood and can actually  withstand any weather condition without damage.  Our spirit houses come in different shape and size and represents all regions of Thailand.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.  

To see more product details, please click on the product image.


Set of Thai Spirit House Extra Large Thai Spirit House Teak Wood Set of Thai Spirit House
Set of Extra Large Thai Spirit House with Stand
Set of Extra Large Thai Spirit House
Set of Extra Large Thai Spirit House with Stand
US$ 1,539
US$ 1,459
US$ 1,759
Set of Traditional Thai Spirit House Spirit House Stand Short Set of Miniature Thai Spirit House with Stand
Set of Thai Spirit House with Stand
Set of Spirit House & Short Stand
Set of XSmall House & stand
US$ 899
US$ 779
US$ 169
Teak Wood Thai Spirit House Teak Wood Thai Spirit House Teak Wood Thai Spirit House
Set of Thai Spirit House and Stand
Set of Thai Spirit House and Stand
Set of Medium Spirit House and Stand
Shipping inluded in USA
US$ 2,549
US$ 769





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