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    Monthly Sales Special
     Home Staging & Feng Shui

Amulets I
-Amulets II
     -Wood Carved Amulets
-Buddha Amulet Chains

- Tables & Altar Table Set   
     - Furniture Set & Bed
     - Lacquerware Furniture & Decor


Decorative Mirrors        

Traditional Thai Houses

Teak Wood Carving
Teak Wood Panels   
    -Teak Wood Panels II
    - Teak Wood Panels III
     - Teak Wood Panels IV
      -Teak Wood Panels V
      -Natural Teak Panels
    - Life Size Teak Wood Panels
     - Extra Bold Pieces
     - Thai Spirit House Pra Phum

     -Thai Spirit House Pra Prom
     -Thai Spirit House Set  
    - Concrete Thai Spirit House
    - Carving Landmarks

Ta-lung leather Carving

Treasures for the Soul
Buddha & Angel Statues
       -Buddha Heads & more

       -Spiritual Treasures

       -Spiritual Treasures II
       -Spiritual Treasures III
      -Spiritual Treasures IV
      -Spiritual Treasures V
        -Spiritual Treasures VI
        -Spiritual Treasures VII
      -Spiritual Treasures Bali
      -Spiritual Treasures Bali II
     -Tibetan Thangkas
     - Masks
     -"Green" Treasures

Terra Cotta Carvings & Statues
- Terra Cotta Panels
    - Terra Cotta Statues
    - Celadon Lanterns & Decor

Treasures for your pet
Pet  House & Play House  
    -Pet 's  Urn/keepsake  

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      "Buying Trip Tour "


Currently, we are only offering "customized buying trip tour" until 2011.  Please contact us for  your customized quote at

The tour is opened to  anyone who is interested in the "shopping" and visiting spiritual sites which are the inspiration for the arts and products that we carry.    No previous purchase is necessary to join our tour.    Please check back in the near future for future tours.

      The package is all inclusive of all meals, lodging, air, and land transportation  in fine first class hotels during the tour.   Price does NOT include visa entries, and round trip airfare from your departing city to/from Bangkok, Thailand.      We work with different shipping companies and custom brokers and will be able to assist you with your shipment needs on your buying trip.  

     If you are unable to make our scheduled tour, but are interested in doing a "personalized" shopping trip tour, please feel free to contact us as we can accommodate your personalized shopping experience.   Your customized tour can be tailored to your availability for travel dates, destinations of interests,  and price.  If you have a certain budget in mind and places you would like to visit, please let us know!!!  We will be happy to accommodate your constraints.   No shopping trip is too small for us.  The only requirement we have is a minimum of 2 persons per customized tour. 

Please  submit your inquiry in the form below or  email us at .  

Thank you for your interests. 

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